Funerals & Memorials

A funeral is a very personal and moving occasion and the right choice of music can help add a personal touch to the proceedings. People are increasingly choosing to include elements in the funeral service that reflect the life of the person who has died and it is now quite common to incorporate favourite musical compositions or songs, classical or contemporary. 

Whether in a church, crematorium or cemetery, the flute will add a personal touch with its gentle, moving tone. On a more practical note, time is often very limited and the flute is very discreet, requiring just seconds to set up and also to slip away at the end of the service. 

Arranging a funeral can feel like a daunting task at a very emotional time but Anne will help. She is very happy to discuss your wishes by email or by phone, and if you would like advice to help make your choice of music, she is able to guide you, whether you would prefer something reflective, uplifting or traditional.

'You played absolutely brilliantly and I am so so thrilled I managed to find you and book you for the service. You added such a personal and elegant touch to my Dad's send off. I can not thank you enough.'

- KH

'Anne Allen's serene music made a sad day more bearable for us all.'

- F&E