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'Anne is the most amazing piano teacher to my daughter. She took a child that couldn't read music into one that can confidentially read and play. She is not only a brilliant teacher but a supremely kind and caring teacher, guiding her through any stumbling blocks and nerves holding her back. I really felt she cares for the whole child not just for the time spent in the lesson. I would wholeheartedly recommend Anne to anyone.'

  🎶 Learn the flute, piano or theory online with a world-class professional performer & teacher.

🎶 Online lessons: no travel time or costs.

🎶 All ages, all standards welcome!


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The last few years have been difficult for everyone and with many adults and children still suffering with anxiety, we all need extra distractions and relaxation.

Music can take your mind off everything else. It is relaxing, it is fun! Studies show that even your brain functioning improves. So why not turn this year into a really positive opportunity to learn something amazing!

I have been giving music lessons to pupils based around the world online for several years – flute, piano or theory lessons and exam/performance preparation. I use Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom.

Online music lessons work really well and are easy to arrange for a time that suits you, or when you just need the kids to be busy while you get on with something else. 

Maybe you’ve always been meaning to learn to play, want to go back to playing again or need some tips on building the confidence to perform well.

This is your chance to do something creative and fun.


Anne is highly sought after as a teacher & coach for adults & children:

"[My daughter] found Anne's lessons very inspirational and full of encouragement. Anne has a natural talent to inspire."

"Anne is a very enthusiastic teacher and very motivating. She has a lovely friendly manner but remaining very professional in her approach."

“Fantastic feedback from the children and teachers. Lots of excited new instrumentalists in the making!”

"Thank you SO much for being such a wonderful teacher to the boys. Not only did the boys have a wonderful start in music but I've really appreciated your NLP talents too. They get such obvious enjoyment out of each session."

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