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Personalised musical e-cards!

New for 2020 - personalised musical e-cards for when you want to make someone feel special.

Is there someone that you would like to send a unique, beautiful message to? 

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, proposals or even just to send a lovely 'hello' greeting.

It is very easy:

1. Choose a piece of music that has a special meaning or has a memory for you. I can make some suggestions if you would like some help.

2. Decide the message you would like me to convey.

3. I will create a video greeting in which I will perform the piece of music or song you have chosen in full concert dress, introduced by the words of your message spoken clearly by me. 

4. I can email you the message to send yourself or I will email your lucky recipient on the day you request.

Video messages cost just £15 with 10% of all video income going to the NHS.

Freelance musicians have seen 100% of their income wiped out completely and this is a wonderful way that you can help support the industry and at the same time the NHS who have quite simply been amazing.